Easter Sunday 2016


Happy Easter! He is risen! We hosted a big family Easter feast at our house this year! I was pretty nervous about the cooking, but my apprehension led to some highly successful advance planning! I would say that this is our first truly successful time entertaining. I wasn’t running around, sweating, wondering why in the world the pot roast is taking two hours too long or forgetting to put out glasses and napkins. Yay! We cooked up two pot roasts, a leg of lamb, and a ham, as well as baked a carrot cake from scratch, and everything was ready at party-time, if you can believe it. I’m still in disbelief. 



IMG_2282    IMG_2283

We even attended sunrise Easter service, which is my favorite! It’s so beautiful and joyful with the birds singing! I made a few bird-inspired Easter eggs this year, copying the awesome blog StudioDIY’s project. Seriously creative and an adorable twist on Easter eggs!


We somehow managed to comfortably fit twenty people in our house for the Easter feast. I enjoyed decorating with lovely and inexpensive flowers from Aldi’s (my favorite grocery store), as well as an adorable carrot garland from Michael’s, and my swan and flamingo Easter eggs.



IMG_2239    IMG_2224 (1)

Part of our secret to Easter’s entertaining success was having guests bring side dishes, which were amazingly delicious! We had scratch-made egg rolls, Mexican rice, twice-baked potatoes, and so much more! It was way better than we could have done, and made it so much easier on us.

It was a warm, beautiful day (although it had been threatening to rain), and everyone enjoyed the sunshine as they searched for cascarones! Remember this cascarones battle last year? This year’s was even bigger!






Eek! Jonathan is coming to get me! I snapped this photo right before I got a confetti egg smashed on my head. Oh, well – part of the fun I suppose!


I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! He is risen!


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