Snowy Sequoia


Our first taste of winter this year happened in Sequoia National Park, which we visited on our Thanksgiving trip to California. It was stunningly beautiful and Jonathan’s first time to see the giant trees! We had an amazing time, enjoying the snowy weather!

PANO_20151124_145207    IMG_20151125_113751



We stayed at the Wuksachi Lodge at Sequoia National Park so we could be based on the mountain during our brief stay. It looks almost like a gingerbread house covered with powdered sugar!


IMG_20151124_145652    IMG_20151124_150109

We had to drive with chains, even with a jeep. It felt like driving around in a tank, but we felt super secure. We saw many other 4 wheel drives slipping and sliding on the steep roads. It was best not to risk it.



We played and hiked in the snow. It was pretty cold on a long hike we went on, so we really bundled up! I could hardly put my arms down. We hiked for about 3 hours round trip to Moro Rock, since the roads to it were closed. It was very cold, and it snowed heavily. We clipped the water bottles to my belt, and the water froze during the hike!


IMG_20151125_134735    IMG_20151125_134748


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