Underwater Aruba



[Above: Jonathan and his best friend Sean snuba-ing at a sunken ship off the coast of Aruba. I seriously cannot get over these amazing photos. So beautiful, so many fish, and we were there!]

We just had a fantastic vacation with friends to Aruba! It was so wonderful to indulge in plenty of swimming in the gorgeous waters surrounding Aruba and the amazing pools at our condos, too! We swam and snorkeled, and Jonathan tried snuba. I love swimming and tried to spend as much time in the water as possible during our vacation. It was awesome to explore the underwater beauty of Aruba.



I love how free and at ease I appear in the photos above! I am so happy in the water!

We had brought our own snorkels and goggles with us, which was a great idea. It allowed us to just snorkel anytime we went to the beach. We also went on a snorkeling/snuba trip on a sailboat catamaran that took us around to great snorkeling spots that were farther out, including a ship sunk during World War II. It was the most amazing experience.

Isn’t it just so gorgeous?!





The first morning we were there, we went down to the beach with our snorkels and saw this enormous starfish! Just right at the beach! It was a great start to our vacation.


The whole trip we were just so excited about how beautifully clear the water is and how it’s such a lovely turquoise color. You can see right to the bottom, even to 5 or 6 feet deep. The water wasn’t exactly warm, but very refreshing, and very easy to get used to.

On the day we flew home, we had one last trip to the beach. Little fish were nibbling our toes, the water was so lovely, and it just felt surreal knowing we would soon be home!

Goodbye, Aruba! It was amazing!



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