Our Home: The Living Room


IMG_2049    IMG_2043


Finally, another room in our home tour (which I promise will take forever), our living room! This room is where we spend almost all of our time. Our home has an open floor plan, and this is the heart of our home (nope, it’s not the kitchen, which is a close second).  You’ve seen the entryway, and it leads straight to the living room. Our whole home has been a work-in-progress, and we just acquired the couch and, as you know, we got the piano for Christmas! The living room is starting to feel really finished – except for curtains. This room definitely needs curtains. It faces west. and that late afternoon sun is punishing! The blinds do help,but if we plan on properly protecting our piano and couch from longterm sun damage, blackout curtains have just got to happen. I have my eye on some bespoke dove-gray pleated curtains (sigh), but just decided I didn’t want to wait any longer to share!

So let’s talk about that couch. It’s brand-spanking new and just awesome! This couch design has all the pieces assemble and disassemble with ease. You can arrange the couch in any imaginable way you can think of, and Jonathan and I took that to heart and envisioned a deep, long couch with a back entrance, as you can see. I’ve been dreaming of a navy blue velvet couch for so long, and I can’t believe it’s come true this soon! It’s like something you pin on Pinterest, but think it probably won’t happen for 10 years.

Also another dream-come-true, our piano. I’ve already waxed eloquent about it at Christmastime, so I’ll just say I love it and play it, and I’m so happy it’s here in the heart of our home. A new addition is the rowing machine – my birthday present from Jonathan I got a few weeks ago! I love rowing for some reason, and I have been wanting a rowing machine for a long time. It’s been fantastic, and I’m not even that sore!

This is where we lounge, watch TV, exercise, play music, and even eat (the coffee table lid comes up and forward for TV dinners). It’s also where Marvin lives (our roomba). The living room is pretty much the center of life at home.







IMG_2009    IMG_2018


IMG_2040    IMG_2028





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