Easter 2015



I know it’s been a little while, but here our pictures from our Easter celebration! He is risen!

Jonathan and I woke up extremely early to attend the outdoor sunrise mass that our church does each Easter. It was lovely to celebrate mass and Easter with the sky growing gradually lighter and the birds beginning to sing! Afterward we napped for a few hours before waking up and checking out our shared Easter basket. See’s Candies is always a traditional must-have. I usually handpick a pound, but I couldn’t resist the adorable bunnies and poppies baskets and egg! I themed the basket around the bunnies and the orange and purple poppy colors.

IMG_1794 (2)

We hosted Easter at our home for a small crowd of family and friends, and to mix things up, we grilled burgers! I gave up hamburgers for lent, and it was high time I had a burger! Luckily the predicted thunderstorm held off, and we were able to eat on our patio. Like I did the year before, I baked a tiered carrot cake from scratch; I’ve decided that’s going to be a new Easter tradition. It’s absolutely delicious, and, frankly, a ton of work, so I can only manage it once a year!

IMG_1823 (1)

Cascarones, or real egg shells filled with confetti are a popular Easter activity in Texas. I don’t particularly remember cascarones in California, but maybe they were there, too, and not as popular? Anyway, so many stores here have cascarones at Easter time. My mother-in-law hid cascarones and regular plastic Easter eggs all over the yard. After our Easter lunch, and before dessert, we ran around finding all the eggs and throwing the cascarones at each other!




The confetti seemed to easily fall out of everyone’s hair but mine! I had so much confetti tangled up into my ponytail. But it was so much fun – this has been one of my very favorite Easter celebrations! Happy Easter! He is risen!

IMG_1816 (2)


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