Our Home: The Entryway



Welcome to our home! It’s about time I shared pictures of it, even if it’s only of the entryway. But, hey, it’s a start! I’ll go room by room and post pictures. Much more manageable that way, or I’ll never get around to it. Also, I like to photograph on sunny days, and there haven’t been many lately. It was a gorgeous, sunshine-filled, warm day when I took these! Then it went back right away to being cold and overcast and dreary.

We have a beautiful home with a large brick patio in the front. It’s very shady in the front yard with a pretty oak tree and hedges.

IMG_1666 (1)

The window opening to the patio is from the dining room. We painted the door that vivid red!

And this is the entryway:

IMG_1678 (3)


The French doors lead to the dining room, and the counter-top you see is part of our kitchen. It’s all very open and airy. It’s so lovely! I can’t believe how blessed we are.


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