Blast from the Past: The week Jonathan was in France, and Elizabeth had jet lag.



Jonathan works for a French company, and for a week in May, he had to go to the company headquarters. It was an awesome opportunity but bad timing for me because I had just started a new job, so there wasn’t any way I could go! Oh well, c’est la vie.

Jonathan had a wonderful trip exploring France and Belgium. He took gorgeous pictures. So gorgeous that I plan on blowing up some prints and framing them for our home! Despite taking tons of pictures, Jonathan hasn’t posted them anywhere and doesn’t plan to! The pictures are so lovely, and his trip so nice, that I have to share at least some of them for him. Boy oh boy I wish I could have gone.

I stayed home for the week, working and just being by myself. And suffering from insomnia.

Now, Jonathan and I had been in a long-distance relationship for six years before we were married. Although sad, it was all we knew, and we were used to it. But now that we’re married and together all the time – it’s awful to be apart. Awful.

As in so awful I couldn’t sleep for a week while he was gone.

Jonathan fared better, but soaking wet, in beautiful Paris.



IMG_0864    IMG_0999



The company’s headquarters is in the north of France in a tiny village about an hour away from Lille. After flying into Paris (and spending the weekend there), Jonathan traveled north. [Below, Lille]


IMG_1184 (1)


IMG_1177 (1)

This ain’t Houston; everybody’s outside!



Finally – someone to take a picture of Jonathan! On his last weekend, Jonathan went into Belgium to visit Bruges. [Below, Bruges]



IMG_1038    IMG_1059

Jonathan had a wonderful time, and it was such a beautiful trip. I wish we could have been together for it, but I now that we were both happy to be back together again after it ended! We missed each other too much! And I could finally sleep soundly again. Even though Jonathan was the one traveling – I had to be the one with the jet lag! Next time one of us goes abroad, we better go together! ♥



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