Two Kitties and a Red Door


Our kittens are almost cats. Pout pout. They grow up so fast! So we better make some kitten memories. I had these adorable photos since New Year’s Eve, and just had to share them. The kitties wanted to watch the fireworks! Odd, but cute! We had painted the door a vivid red about two months earlier – both our front door and back door. [Pictured is our back door, which opens onto a patio; visible through the door is our breakfast nook, a tiny bit of kitchen, and our entryway hallway]. I love the way the doors turned out. We have to paint the trim and lintel still, but we’ll get to it eventually…

We planned on doing house projects the week of New Year’s – which we had off, but somehow never made it happen! #noregrets! – just lots of TV, piano-playing, and sleeping all day.


IMG_1625 (1)    IMG_1618

Well, that’s that. I’m super slowly gearing up for a home reveal. I think we’re just about moved in enough!




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