Blast from the Past: Double Date


Back in January, we went up to Fort Worth to spend a weekend with one of my wonderful college friends who was visiting her boyfriend (now fiancé). We caught the tail-end of her trip, and it was great to spend some time with her! It can be so hard to meet up with college friends once you’re scattered across the country.

So, we had a double date for the ages!

Meet Lauren and Jaime!


Why hello, Lauren and Jaime.

We had a great time at the Flying Saucer for dinner and drinks! My handsome husband.


IMG_0508    IMG_0514


Mmmm pizza… and I’m not sure what I’m looking at in this photo. Just getting in my lovely profile…


Fort Worth is really lovely at night. It is all lit up. Everything glows, even the fountains!




And some moonlight dancing.


A fantastic night, overall, with the pictures to prove it! It was such a wonderful reunion with friends!

Actually, these are just a few pictures from that fun weekend. I’ll share more another time. Cheers!



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