Afternoon Frolic


One of the many reasons we love our new home so much is the eight acre pasture just behind our house. It is absolutely idyllic with with wildflowers galore. The air smells so sweet, and it’s just all so lovely. The pasture also has two horses, whom we like to offer a couple carrots or apples now and then.

I was painting this evening after work, when Jonathan said that he could see the horses near our fence. So I put on my boots, grabbed some carrots, and went out to see them. Jonathan was on the phone and couldn’t come out, but he watched from our fence. He took these pretty photos*.

Now the embarrassing part: If only I had felt as peaceful as the photos! The darker bay horse is bold! When I ran out of carrots, he kept nibbling at my hands! He followed me all the way back to our backyard, nudging me with his head, which kind of freaked me out. Oh, well, you’re asking for it when you bring carrots! Still got all my fingers, thank goodness.

(Actually, it’s pretty funny, but the dark bay horse tried to follow me into our backyard, but couldn’t fit through the fence. He got stuck and spooked. Have to remind myself that they’re more scared of me than I am of them! Nah, I’m still scared. But at least I was careful not to show it.)

Can’t tell from the pictures!




Until next time, horses! And let’s try not to freak out next time, sound good? Lol yeah right. At least we know the pictures will be lovely.



*Yes, Jonathan took these pictures from our backyard as he leaned against the fence. The dark corners are the edges of a knothole. He used his phone to take the pictures, I might add!


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