Blast from the Past: The Alamo and More


So, these pictures were taken that one time back in March when we were freezing in San Antonio with my fam bam! Everyone (except Katherine, who was studying abroad in London) came to Texas for spring break. I should have posted these soon after… but didn’t. But here they are now!

It rained and hovered around 35 degrees F, but we watched all the reenactments at the Alamo. (No pictures of the reenactments, because it was raining; we didn’t want to risk the camera). We just happened to be there during the anniversary of the battle. It was great! It was also one of the first years the Alamo battle highlighted and commended the Mexican forces; we appreciated that.


The next day, it was less cold, but still dreary, and we headed over to this beautiful, old mission in San Antonio.

[Below] Taking a picture of Mom taking a picture. Silly husband. Cool shot.




[Above] Beautiful Jackie.

[Below] Love Mom’s pop of bright blue clothing. So bright and cheerful when the rest of us all wore faded greens, grays, and browns! We blend in like camouflage.



It was so nice seeing all the family again. And it’s so nice to finally put these pictures up and reminisce. They’ve been on my mind! And so has cooler weather. I’m looking forward to getting out all the coats and scarves again. I’ve already started wearing my boots, even though it really isn’t cold enough yet!

[Below] Portrait of Mom and Dad. Portrait of beautiful Mary berry.



Good times!


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