Sister Weekend

IMG_1417 (1)

Katherine came to see us! On her way back from her long journey (studying abroad, traveling, and internship), my younger sister came and stayed with us for a weekend. We kept her busy with bicycling, bowling, kayaking and boating (not pictured – haven’t yet figured out how to take pictures while out on the water, while not ruining my camera!), and, of course, lots of going out to eat. She got to experience her first movie grill – Guardians of the Galaxy (anyone else just love that movie? we laughed so hard).





[Above] No resisting macaroons! Bicycling in the beautiful parks in downtown Houston was such a blast. Katherine’s a trooper – we went during the hottest part of the day – no joke in Houston! And that Texas sky! I seriously cannot get over that. It’s always like that – big, blue, with white clouds. It’s like Toy Story. It’s so expansive and beautiful. I didn’t see that too often (ever?) in California. No smog or mountains to get in the way of this sky.


IMG_1478    IMG_1477


[Above] Bowling was a blast. It’s this new, nightclub bowling alley nearby. Yes, a nightclub bowling alley! The food was delicious, the bowling fun, and the atmosphere awesome! We are so going back. Hopefully, I’ll learn to bowl better, too…

[Below] You can’t have a trip to Texas without some quintessential Texas BBQ. We finished off the weekend with some good ol’ Rudy’s. Katherine was a bit overwhelmed at first! I mean, you have to order meat by the pound, and there’s not much else. But she surprised herself and loved some excellent moist brisket.


Thanks for coming to see us, sister! ♥


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  1. Great photos! Wish I could have come to the San Antonio trip, but it was wonderful spending time with you and Jonathan at your lovely home in Houston

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