DIY Bridal Makeup

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I’ve been thinking about this post awhile, but I’ve been hesitating to write it! You see, I’m no makeup guru, and I don’t use high end or high quality makeup products (although I wish! I’m just not an a-lot-of-makeup kind of girl). But I finally decided I had to share my bridal makeup DIY because it was so dang good. People have been asking who did my wedding makeup, and the answer is that I did it.

Yes, I did my own makeup on my wedding day. Gasp!!! And you know what? It turned out even better than awesome! I cried tears of joy throughout the ceremony, and my makeup stayed in place perfectly. Perfectly! It’s the perfect, easy-peasy, fresh-faced, inexpensive makeup look for any occasion.


The look is created using browns, neutrals, metallics and a kapow! of hardcore mascara. The real trick up my sleeve is the mascara – Covergirl 24HR Lashblast. It seriously won’t budge, smudge, or wash off. Awesome for a wedding day (or really long/overnight flight or day at the beach). BUT, watch out, because it’s lying about being a 24 hour mascara. It is waaaay longer than that. This mascara wants to stay stuck to your lashes. Forever. It is so hard to get off, even with makeup remover, that I do not recommend it for everyday use. I have never been able to get it off without losing a few, precious eyelashes… pout.

DIY Bridal Makeup 1Diy Bridal Makeup 3 fixedDIY Bridal Makeup 21. e.l.f. All Over Glow Stick in persimmon 2. Maybelline Modern Metallics in chai latte 22Q 3. Kat Von D eyeliner pencil in dark brown (Sephora) 4. CoverGirl 24HR Lashblast mascara 5. CoverGirl TruBlend liquid foundation 6. CoverGirl powder foundation compact 7. C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve (Bath & Bodyworks) 8. Maybellinel lipstick in bit of berry 175 BRUSHES: eyeliner brush and blusher brush (Target)

SKIN: Begin by prepping your skin with some lotion and then rub the TruBlend liquid foundation wherever you need to smooth out your skin tone (I do my t-zone, not my whole face). Put a dab of the berry lipstick on your cheeks and rub in with your fingers until rosy. With the blusher brush and powder foundation, powder your skin to set the liquid foundation and address any shiny areas. Highlight with the e.l.f.glow stick just underneath the brows, along the cheekbones, and down the bridge of your nose.

BROWS: Dab your eyeliner brush into the liner color (dark brown) and brush into your brows. Now, I have dark brows, and the palette’s liner color matches the shade of my brows exactly. If it doesn’t match your brows, you can go for it anyway, or choose a color closer to your natural brow color.

EYES: Prep by dabbing a tiny amount of the rose salve into the corners of your eyes. Then using your eye makeup palette, smooth the base color (tan) and liner color (dark brown) all over the lid followed by the e.l.f. glow stick all over the lid. Next, line the eyes with the eyeliner brush and the liner color. Barely widen at the outer corners, but do not line the inner corners. You may need to do 2 -3 coats to achieve a dark enough look. With your eyeliner pencil, line the base of the lashes on the bottom lid, but again, not the water line nor the inner corner. Use the smudger on the opposite end of the eyeliner pencil to blend and create some smokiness. Dab the tip of your finger into the lid color (gold shimmer) of your palette and press onto the upper lid until even. Dab again, close one eye, and press into the inner corner, then again for the next eye. For mascara, carefully wiggle the brush at the base of the lashes then sweep out. Repeat 2-3 times to thicken. (I also de-clump lashes with an old, clean mascara brush – as seen in the picture.)

LIPS: I prep my lips by brushing them gently with a damp toothbrush. Dab on the berry lipstick (but if you’re like me, put on just enough to give a little natural color – I’m not a lipstick girl) then blend in. Add some Rose Salve until smooth and shiny!


Images courtesy of Lauren LaMore