Newlywed Christmas

2013-12-26 09.20.15

Our first Christmas together as husband and wife! As with most newlyweds on Christmas, our Christmas decorations were nonexistent. After buying our first Christmas tree, we put on a few ornaments from home and some leftover ribbon from the wedding. Then we ran around the apartment searching for anything else we could put on the tree. That’s when I saw our wedding cake topper, and, on a whim, I put it into the top of the tree. It was so adorable, that I thought all our decorations should be newlywed-themed!

2013-12-25 09.04.192013-12-25 09.04.382013-12-26 10.21.18

Using all the pretty scraps, papers, and ribbons from the wedding, I made most of our Christmas ornaments and decorations. I even used our wedding invitation as well as leftover bridal shower invitations. I also made my version of the traditional Catholic advent wreath.

2013-12-25 09.00.392013-12-25 09.06.41

My first Christmas away from home and our first married Christmas was so wonderful. I only hope that yours was as happy and fun as ours! Merry Christmas!

2013-12-25 09.20.302013-12-25 09.23.022013-12-25 14.46.29



  1. So very precious! Beautiful photos, Elizabeth! You did a wonderful job. I remember that our first Christmas tree was a “Charlie Brown” tree….super skinny! We made pop-corn and cranberry garlands…..a long time ago!!!!

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