Ribbon Wands



I wanted the guests to do something as Jonathan and I left the church, but our church was against all the traditional options. We couldn’t do petals, bubbles, confetti, rice, noisemakers…

Enter the ribbon wands. These beautiful, vibrant colored ribbons waving around as we left the church were cheery and so perfect. No mess. No noise. (Also, they make awesome toys – we had a lot of light-saber battles going on at our reception.)

They’re so easy to make! I bought a couple boxes of dowels at my local Michaels and plenty of silky ribbon in shades or red, grapefruit pink, and orange to keep it summery (not Christmas). I was over-careful and put anti-fray on the ends of the ribbon (well, it makes it long-lasting!), but it was simple to put a dollop of hot glue on the end and twine the ribbon around. Done! It was fun to do, and my sisters were great helpers.

I definitely recommend having ribbon wands! They are so fun and perfect for weddings!


*Images courtesy of Lauren LaMore


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