God is in the Details


Jonathan and I dreamed of having an intimate and beautiful wedding full of meaningful details. It was a gorgeous June day full of summery shades of red, vintage charm, Spanish influence, and some of our own unique flair! God is love, and God must certainly be in the details of a wedding (and our wedding was positively bursting with love and joy).



IMG_4347  IMG_4330



IMG_3714  IMG_3717




IMG_4700  IMG_4328


IMG_4360_2  IMG_4541_2


From the beautiful, vintage Spanish veil lent by a loving and generous aunt to the vibrant ribbon wands to the Victorian heirloom ceremony chairs to my mother’s antique crystal rosary and necklaces to the playful Jenga guestbook and even an indulgence in my love of ruffles, our wedding was full of loving attention to details. Jonathan and I were so touched by how far so many guests traveled for our wedding. New York, Texas, Michigan, Arkansas, Oregon, and more. The least we could do was provide gift bags of the bride and groom’s favorite treats! Our wedding favors were also a part of my hometown’s heritage – Redlands navel oranges! After months of practice, I performed a surprise flamenco dance complete with castanets, fan, and flamenco shoes for my new husband. My dad had his own surprise, entertaining the audience with a father-daughter dance of Sinatra’s “I Get a Kick Out of You,” complete with playful kicking. Even our after-party was so much fun that we didn’t even want to leave on our honeymoon. So much of our wedding day was a gift from everyone who shared it with us. We could not have envisioned a more beautiful, spiritual, and lively wedding for ourselves. 





*Images courtesy of Lauren LaMore

**There will be more wedding photos posted soon.

***There are so many people to thank for making our wedding day so special! Thank you for all your generosity Aunt Grace; Cousin Heather; my best friend, Lauren; my sister bridesmaids Jackie, Katherine, and Mary; Jonathan’s amazing long-distance groomsmen Steve, Ben, Krus, JM, and Sean; my mom and dad; Jonathan’s parents and step-dad; and everyone who traveled so far and contributed so much! We love you! ♥


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