Wedding Invite Advice

Wedding Invitations 1

Of course, I would have red wedding invitations. And these beautiful invites are perfect! But, more than that, I’ve hit on a few super handy ways to do wedding invitations.

First of all, have a guest list database. I created one on an Excel spreadsheet, with columns for Name, RSVP, Thank You Note, Relationship, Special Requests, Gift, Address, Phone Number, and Invitation Sent (I had it in that order, too!).

Next, use Postable. Postable is this great (free!) website that helps you build an online address book. It provides a link that you either email or Facebook message to your guests whose addresses you need. It is easy for your guests to click the link and fill out anything and everything you need to know.

Also, label your RSVPs. What do I mean? Each guest has a number on the Excel spreadsheet, right? Write those numbers on the back of the RSVPs. Sometimes people accidentally forget to write their names on the RSVPs, or the handwriting might be hard to read. I filed my invitations in the order on the Excel spreadsheet. You are able to find invitations quick and effortlessly. When you get the responses returned, it’s also easy to see which ones you’re missing, if you file them in order.

I addressed all my own invitations (sending and return!), and I recommend going in bursts of about 10 – 15 a day. You’re less likely to make a mistake, and you’re less likely to get overwhelmed.

Use the same pen if you’re addressing all your invitations yourself. It sounds silly, but you’ll become accustomed to that pen, and some pens just write better than others. Use those pens. I also used a wide bookmark to help me write evenly and to create even spacing on the envelopes.

So, there you have it. These tricks really helped me as I planned my wedding and my guest list. Wedding planning does not have to be stressful!


*I found my gorgeous invitations on Etsy. I highly recommend using Etsy, and I cannot recommend my stationer, Olive & Ruby, enough. Olive & Ruby went above and beyond in the quality and beauty of the invitations, their speedy deliveries, and their helpful communication.


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